Tree of Life Movement

Founded in 2012, Tree of Life Movement, is the natural extension of the love and passion that owners Scott and Marla Berger feel for their family and the world community. The Bergers created the jewelry collection as a symbol of the foundation’s mission that all people connect as one force, growing together just as the stars above grow together.

Scott Berger designed the first piece in the Tree of Life collection nearly four years ago to commemorate his and Marla’s 21st wedding anniversary. Marla was overwhelmed with the tree of life-shaped piece that was engraved with all four of the couple’s children’s names. She wanted to share this symbol of family, hope and continuing life with the public. Thus was born the Tree of Life jewelry collection.

We invite you to take a look at our lovely Tree of Life pendants, earrings and other jewelry pieces that are not only attractive, but encourage you and those around you to embrace the foundation’s message of hope and solidarity.

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