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Scottsdale Jewelry One Of Eight Stores To Offer Bovet Timepiece

By January 6, 2017News

Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been named as one of only eight jewelers to represent the House of Bovet in the United States, and only one of 53 in the world. “The artisan and craftsmanship of Bovet represents is unprecedented,” says Scott Berger with Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry.

Berger states that the gallery and new boutique is honored to be among the few jewelers that have been permitted to carry the Bovet brand, and that they are able to offer their clients one of the finest timepieces in the world with the inclusion of the House of Bovet pieces.

“These are beautiful, unique pieces that you are not going to find in just any jewelry store,” Berger states. “The craftsmanship is beyond elegant and we couldn’t be more proud to be one of the few stores in the United States to offer it to our clients.”

Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry has been featured in a number of media outlets on local, regional, and national levels over the years including The Arizona Republic, Arizona Foothills, SheKnows.com, VH1, Robb Report, GQ, and more. The jewelry company retains its center stage placement offering a number of jewelry styles and pieces. The company also maintains contributions to a variety of charities by donating custom designs and by sponsoring a number of philanthropic events throughout the year.

The House of Bovet offers exceptional timepieces, unique and creative in their design. In operation since 1882, the company has been offering fine jewelry through a small selection of stores and operators for years, choosing only a handful of stores to be permitted to carry their coveted designs.

Scott Berger states that the addition of House of Bovet pieces are sure to reach many customers who prefer intricate designs, and says that the company is pleased to add this collection to their already elegant jewelry pieces. He states that customers are sure to find the pieces perfect for a number of special events and occasions.

Jewelry enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry can do so by visiting the company’s official website at http://addisontaylorfinejewelry.com/.

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